Sunday, February 17, 2013

Happy Birthday, Mu Shu!

Today, our second pug, Mu Shu, is exactly seven years old. He was so young when we adopted him, he hadn't yet grown that famous pug scruff around his neck:

Mu Shu has always been our dog. And the deep wrinkles on his forehead make him extra pathetic-looking, especially when we are doing silly things to him, like dressing him in hats:

We love him when he's being silly, whether he knows it or not:

We love that he has put up with his annoying younger brother, Pao, since the first day we brought the puppy home:

We love that he looks so worried all the time, but really, he is a very happy dog:

We love that his little pink tongue sticks out a bit all the time now:

We love you today, Mu Shu, and every day. Happy birthday, baby!

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