Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Wine Cork Ideas

If you drink wine, you get wine corks:

Some wine corks remind you of lovely times:

Some wine corks are just plain lovely:

I keep my corks in a display jar on a kitchen shelf.

I like the way they look. But when the jar is full, what should I do with them?

A quick check yields some good ideas (I Googled "wine cork art"). This person turned wine corks into wall art around a dart board (very helpful if, like me, you're a lousy shot and apt to strike the wall):

This person made them into a wine-themed wreath:

I love this holiday wreath made of just corks and red jingle bells:

This trivet is straightforward, simple, and rustic:

This crafter made herself a message board out of wine corks:

This small trivet, below, is by Reclamation Revolution. Simple and elegant, no?:

Photo: Reclamation Revolution

By the way, Reclamation Revolution has a FaceBook page filled with links to terrific ideas for re-using things. I love their tag line: "Saving the world by making one bad ass thing at a time." Ha ha!

This is one of my favorite solutions for using wine corks:

A frame around a wall mirror! This idea was in one of my shelter magazines, and the looks terrific, don't you think?

My local grocery store has a carton for recycling wine corks:

According to the signage, a group called ReCork turns the donations into cork soles on shoes:

But I think I'll toss my corks into the bag I'm collecting for the art program at my local preschools. They always appreciate fun materials to foster their creativity. 

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