Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Recycling Kerchiefs for Pound Puppies

When my dogs come back from being professionally groomed, they smell wonderful and sport little neckerchiefs the groomers tie around their chubby little necks. (Hey, it beats bows on their ears!) But after a couple of hours, the dogs are ready to chuck the neckwear.

 You can almost hear Won Ton saying, "Get this thing OFFAME!"

The kerchiefs are so cute. The patterns and colors make me smile:

 Here's the kerchiefs they wore when I had them groomed last July 2 or 3:

But I didn't really need them. So they piled up in a corner of the laundry room.

Recently I realized I could donate all the kerchiefs to the pound puppies! I gave the kerchiefs a quick spritz of spray starch and a touchup with the iron:

...and then took the entire pile to the next dog-adoption event I worked.

For some reason, dogs look cuter--and attract more attention from passers-by and serious lookers alike--when they're sporting a scarf.


 Do you have leftover kerchiefs from the groomer's? Or maybe a pile of bandanas from that last company picnic--the one with the Western theme? Consider donating them to your local adoption group.

They'll love you for it.

(All pound puppy photos taken by Karl Loveys. Thank you, Karl!)


  1. Great idea! As a 30-year veteran of animal rescue, I know it helps tremendously to give the needy animals a touch of color and flair; and I just happen to have lots of these scarves (as do some of my neighbors) left over from the days when we were all collecting an assortment to adorn our pampered pooches when we took them for walks. We will happily donate them! Thanks for the great idea -- I hope others will do the same.

  2. Wow! Thanks, Bee. The pooches will love it.

  3. Your photographs, portraits of the dogs are just, well, actually majestic. No easy task. Particularly in an environment of the shelters. But your portraits are transformative.

    1. Thank you, but the last five pooch portraits are not mine. They are by the very talented Karl Loveys, who donates his time to take gorgeous photos of shelter dogs.

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