Sunday, December 11, 2011

Silver Beauties in The Wall Street Journal

The other day, The Hubby brought home a fat, glossy magazine--it was the December 2011 insert in his subscription to The Wall Street Journal. This type of rag is usually stuffed with ads for ridiculously overpriced consumer crud and articles about the rich and famous reveling in their vulgar excess. Not at all my cup of tea:

The original photo of model Chanel Iman was taken by Hans Feurer.

 But I leafed through it anyway, because I love looking at high-end photography. When I turned the page to this image, I actually gasped out loud:

My photo of the photo in the magazine, taken by Amy Troost.

Holy Moley! What a woman! What a photograph!

This is Clarissa Dalrymple. (What a name, right? Like something out of a novel by Charles Dickens or Jane Austen.) She is one of a handful of women photographed by Amy Troost, for an article called "Portrait of a Lady."

(Except for the topmost photo, by Hans Feurer, all these are Troost's portraits, and I just snapped them by putting the magazine in good light and taking a picture. I want to give credit to Troost, but I don't want you to think my photos-of-photos are hers. Got that?)

Ostensibly, the article was about the jewels the women were wearing.

Pffft. Jewelry, shmewelry.


What struck me is the power, the presence, the beauty of these women. And they were all Silver Beauties--women of a certain age who wear their sterling hair and their wrinkles like the badges of honor that they are.

Each photograph was more compelling than the last.

Shazzam! What attitude!

I hope I can be this balls-to-the-wall when I'm their age.

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