Monday, December 19, 2011

From Norway, with Love

I was at my neighborhood Goodwill a few days ago with a girlfriend. We were scouting for Christmasy-looking china or glass plates for less than $3. She wanted them for gifting home-made cookies and fudge to friends and family. (We found her three or four, including one I found for her that was ivory, hand-painted china decorated in 24K gold with a Christmas tree relief--score!)

We were just about to leave when I spotted this beauty sitting on a sunny shelf.

A foot and a half tall, with a cobalt-blue base rising to a sky blue in the neck, then back to a medium blue at the lip:

Simply gorgeous!

I picked it up--it was surprisingly heavy--and was thrilled to find it was only $5.99!

But what was its story? Who made it? I found this tiny sticker near the bottom:

Handmade, huh? And from Norway! Even if the sticker were to fall off, it had these marks stamped in the bottom:

It was filthy....

 But I knew some elbow grease, a lintless white rag, and this stuff would take care of the grime:

 Here is a lip-down view of this remarkable vase, right before I got to work cleaning it up:


A quick check on the Internet, and I learned that Magnor  has been making gorgeous glass near Oslo for more than a century.  Here are a few of their beautiful offerings, lifted from their website:

 These beauties are supposed to resemble the churning surf. I want all three!

I don't know how old my vase is, nor how much it might have cost. I'm going to email Magnor a photo and ask them. In the meantime, the vase is very happy on my family room coffee table.

And I am thrilled with it!

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  1. It definitely had your name on it -- and it IS gorgeous! I've been lamenting that we're not close enough to look for these wonderful bargains together, but I think it might be a blessing in disguise...we'd want the same things! Do you think our sisterhood would survive the competition? (Of course! -- we might just have to come up with a system of flipping coins, drawing straws, or simply taking turns at "dibs"!) xoxo



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