Tuesday, December 13, 2011

This is Me

Last weekend The Hubby's office had its annual holiday party. The theme was "Mad Men," and we were asked to dress appropriately.

I had my local beauty salon do a French Twist, and they helped me with my eyeliner. (How did women in the 1950s and '60s get those "cat tails" to come out even?

Anyhow, I liked the hairdo so much, I swiped an earring off my jewelry-bedecked branches arrangement and slapped it on to take these photos:

My twin reactions were "Yikes" and Wow."

The wrinkles and the silvery hair actually didn't make me flinch. I've lived with them so long, they weren't a surprise. But yikes, where did my top lip go? It used to be so full. And my jawline! *Sigh*. Once it was chiseled; now it's softened. And my skin...where did all those spots come from?

On the other hand...

This is me. This is what 57- almost-58 looks like. I thank my genes for what I have, and I thank my mother and her mother for teaching me that true beauty is ageless, a quality that shines from the inside out.

And I think of one of my favorite quotes, by the American essayist poet Raph Waldo Emerson (1803 - 1882):

"As we get old...the beauty steals inward."


  1. My first thought was wow. No yikes at all. Honestly, you're stunning.

  2. I agree with Alana -- looking good, Sis! (and nice perspectives expressed).

  3. I think you're pretty cute, but who asks my opinion....

  4. You look AMAZING! I love the up-do, it really suits you! The leopard stole is pretty fun & sexy too!

  5. You are a regal beauty! Just so gorgeous, and I you're a beauty on the inside too!

  6. ... that was supposed to say... and I BET you're a beauty on the inside too!

  7. You are so amazingly beautiful...I can only hope I look this good one day...truly a gorgeous woman....

  8. I found this post through a photo link on Pinterest. Just wanted to let you know how gorgeous your hair is; it is truly inspirational to me. I am letting my hair grow out, fully gray, with bangs. I hope to reproduce your lovely up-do in about a year!

    Thanks for sharing your beauty here.

    1. Awww! You are sweet for saying so. I hope you love love love having "authentic" hair as much as I do. And thanks for reading my blog!

  9. Me too, found it on Pinterest just a few minutes ago, and my reaction was "Wow!" What an amazing looking woman! I even commented under the pin that maybe I'd stop dying my hair, as you look so very peaceful and happy. :) I certainly have the length to pull this off.


  10. Just repinned you on Pinterest under my 'elegance' section. What an inspiration! Would love to see more of your style! xx

  11. My God!! What an elegant beauty you are! One of the most adorable images I have ever seen.

  12. There is someone using this image as their own profile picture on face book. You can find them under Mary Evans, Shasta County, CA



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