Friday, December 23, 2011

Cookie Baking

Today, my kitchen is awash in flour, sugar, and chopped-up nuts.

Every surface is covered with dirty spatulas, greased baking sheets, and batter-smeared bowls.

 It's fun and festive, though.

I'm in a cookie-baking windstorm.

 Things are looking mighty tasty.

And it smells terrific.

But I had to banish the pugs from the kitchen.

They were trying to lick up all the spilled flour, nuts, and sprinkles.

So I made a temporary barricade from a turned-over chair, a placemat, and a seat cushion.

 Not everybody is happy about that. 


  1. I could feel myself gaining calories just LOOKING at all the beautiful cookies (and so glad to see you cook like I do!), but I think I laughed them off looking at the puggers' confused and sad faces at being banned from the kitchen. THey are SO cute! I'm thinking of all of you today at the family gathering in SB. oxo

  2. awww your dog is so fricking adorable! I'm a terrible baker but so glad that other people can bake so I can bask in their glory haha. I hope you had a great holiday.




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