Monday, April 25, 2011

A Whole Box of Happy

A few days ago, I visited one of my local charity-based, second-hand shops. It's a huge place and can be a little overwhelming. So I decided to look for just one thing: hardback books. I loooooove hardback books.

As luck would have it, all books that day were 50% off. Most of the hardbacks were only $1 each! I found myself a whole box of happy:

I found old best-sellers and recent best-sellers:

Here's some more of the goodies:

Some of these books I already have in my personal library, but only in paperback:

The only book that was more than $1 was this one. Originally $10, I bought it for $5. That's still a bargain:

I adore my Bartlett's (15th edition). I've used it for years and years. But I've begun to notice that it lacks some really great, recent quotes. After all, it was published in 1980:

This 16th edition was published in 1992. It has 22,500 quotations--2,500 more than the last edition. (There is a 17th edition, but I'll have to find that another day.)

I bought 10 books for a total of $14.50. So what will I do with the paperbacks that are now redundant? And the older Bartlett's?

Easy! I'll offer them to friends first, and then recycle the rest by donating them back to the charity.

Buying second-hand books is a great way to add to your personal library, save some money, and save a tree. Because every day should be--and can be--Earth Day.


  1. Way to go! (I'm green with envy). xoxo

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