Friday, April 22, 2011

...And Yet Another Roadside Find

My neighborhood must be filled with crazy people. Why else would they toss out gorgeous stuff like this? It's a Queen Anne-style chair:

It has all the right stuff. Ball-and-claw feet:

Pretty shell detail:

Pierced-work splat. Seriously, that's what it's called. A splat:

Speaking of "splat," the seat is upholstered in a traditional damask, and then covered in heavy-duty plastic. Splat-proof!

Here's why somebody thought the chair needed to be tossed out next to a dumpster in the alley. The back of the splat has split. Yup, that's a split splat:

(Hee hee! Sorry; I couldn't help that.)

The underside reveals that this isn't a super-high-quality chair. If it were, there would probably be a different system of fastening the various wood parts together, and the entire underside would be covered up with a thin, black fabric upholsterers use to keep out dust and dirt:

Also, a well-made chair would have small metal buttons on the underside of each foot. For some reason, the former owner added these overly large slides with sticky backings:

But all that (including my battered cuticles) doesn't matter. After tearing off those gunky slides, putting on proper sliding buttons, and repairing the splat, I'm going to grab a little bit of cute fabric and paint the wood a fun, kicky color, like one of these:

Thanks for the dining-room chair, Crazy People!

Won Ton: "Did somebody mention dining?"

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