Tuesday, April 5, 2011

More Curbside Treasures

The other day I started out on a walk with one of my pugs, and around the first corner, I found a driveway filled with stuff. It looked like a garage sale, but there were no signs anywhere. So I knocked on the door, and the owners told me they were just tossing everything out.

Could I pick up a few things?, I asked. Sure!, they replied.

So this is what I nabbed:

Two adorable china dog bowls. The first one has a polka-dot brim (yay!) and a really cute little bone painted in the bottom of the bowl:

The second bowl has this on the side:

In the bottom of the bowl is Mr. Adventure Dog, himself:

Love the beret he's wearing. Around the rest of the sides are more cute canines:

In addition to the dog bowls, I found two terrific picture frames:

I love the carved roses in the corners of the white one:

And the texture in the silver one is great:

I think I'll spray-paint both of them glossy white and hang them on a dark or colored wall. Even with nothing in them, they should be lovely:

If you want to find curbside treasures, this is a good time of year (spring cleaning, you know). Alleyways are always a good place to look, and the day before the trash is picked up is a good time to troll the neighborhood.

Good luck treasure hunting!



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