Monday, April 11, 2011

Reality Check on Aisle 17, Please

Today I was in my usual Monday-morning yoga class, feeling slightly down. My back was acting up. Again. (After 45, it seems there's almost always something acting up.)

I glanced over at my pal, D. She was struggling her way through class with two cracked ribs. That gave me a reality check. If she can do it, surely I can!

The instructor said to pick up our medicine balls. D. and I had ours, so we sat tight.

photo: domestictimes

A very buff woman, new to the class and hanging out in the corner, walked slowly forward on crutches to get a ball.

D. and I exchanged a look: Wow. She's on crutches and here she is, working out.

photo: domestictimes

And then we noticed. Our eyes widened at the sight. The woman is on crutches because she only has one leg.

photo: Meg.Oram

Double reality check for D. and for me: Even with one leg, you can still fly.

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