Monday, May 31, 2010

Spring Cleaning my Closet: the Aftermath

So, here's the tally after cleaning my closet:

Three pairs of shoes in dire need of being replaced as soon as fall fashions hit the mall (which should be in about two weeks or so):

Five things to go to the tailor before they're wearable:

One box of stuff that goes elsewhere in the house (left) and one box of donatables (right):

One small basket of trash (not pictured)

Three boxes of stuff that I don't really need/use but that I can't bear to part with yet--much of it sentimental (my children's things, detritus from my parents' house, etc.). How to resolve the dilemma? I'll ask each child to look through the stuff first. If there's nothing they want, I'll offer it to their cousins. And if I still get no takers? Off to charity it all goes.

At the end of my cleanups, there's usually a little pile of "Projects in Process." I've got a necklace that needs restringing, a photo in need of framing, and a family photo album I'd like to copy so each child can have his/her own:

There's also a short list of things to buy:

And here's the final product. Look at that shiny floor! Here's the left side of my closet:

Here's the right side:

And here's the top of the built-in bureau:

Still a happy, cluttered vibe going on, but a whole lot more clean surface now. And no dust bunnies!


  1. Another way to always keep your closet up dated is to to throw away an item of clothing that you never wear for every two items you buy.

  2. I love this post. I often find myself cleaning one thing and getting distracted by another. Before I know it I'm working on 5 thing simultaneously. Eventually they're all done at the same time but I think it does take longer than if I did them individually.



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