Saturday, May 15, 2010

Dancers Among Us

I realized when starting this post that we have not talked nearly enough about dance here. I know dancing may not appeal to quite as broad a spectrum as, say, delicious food, but dancing is a core part of we three's lives, always has been, and, my guess is, always will be. My mother danced in high school and college, took some time off, and then started up again when my sister and I were in a studio during our high school years. Alana and I have been technically been dancing since we were two (but at that point it was more "pretty pretty princes" and less ABT), but have been doing it quite seriously since middle school. We started with ballet and modern, but in college each of us has taken up ballroom dancing as well, her going more towards Standard and me going more towards Latin. Recently, I've found a ballet studio in Cambridge that is keeping my weeks more fulfilled and happy than they'd otherwise be. Anyway, all this is to say that we love dance and probably couldn't live as full or happy lives without it.

Recently, I came across a series of pictures that just made me smile. They are entitled "Dancers Among Us" and are photographs by Jordan Matter. Simply put, I love them. The photos depict dancers in street clothes, going about their every day business, but injecting it with dance. The title "Dancers Among Us" is just perfect because it evokes this sense of an alien-like being, sort of creeping through normal society, ready to spring into a grande jete at any moment. They are beautiful, funny, well-shot, and simply awesome. Go check them out!

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