Tuesday, May 18, 2010

How My Garden Grows

Here where I live, the roses usually burst forth in mid-April. This year, for some reason, it took a little longer, but all over my neighborhood, the roses now look wonderful. Half a year after we installed it, here's how our picket fence looks. The new rose bushes are filling in nicely:

I seesaw between wanting to catalog every rose by name and wanting to just enjoy them, without obsessing about what they're called. Today, I'm voting to just show you some of them in all their up-close prettiness. I love this one because it's just the barest bit creamy:

And the notched, ruffly petals on this one make me smile:

All the colors of a sunset, all in one bloom!:

Nice profile, huh?:
This lavender rose produces sooo many buds, I have to pinch some off:

The Russian Sage (which was supposed to be lavendar, but oh, well) is looking very pretty:

This one I know is "Peace." Its pale-yellow-to-pale-pink palette so distinctive, it's easy to remember:

This one cracks me up. It looks to me like it's scrunching up its whole face:

I can't grow peonies in this climate, but this rose almost makes me think I've got a peony here:

*Sigh.* I am blessed.

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