Thursday, May 20, 2010

Divine Twine

I got a terrific little package in the mail yesterday. It's called "Divine Twine" and it's so pretty:

100% cotton, 4-ply string. It'll be useful for utilitarian things, like tying up puppies. Oh, okay, I'll probably use it for wrapping gifts, mostly. Imagine how sweet this twine will look on a present wrapped in white butcher paper? Or brown paper grocery bags, cut open and turned inside out?

On the back side of the spool's label is this cute little guy:

Being a lover of All Things Blue, this turquoise twine is just up my alley. But in case I didn't already know, the little elves who packed my order also included samples of the four other colors you can order--black, orange, yellow, and lime green:

Looks like Divine Twine will come in more yummy colors in the near future.

Also in the glassine envelope, above, was a strip of these sweet little bird stickers:

How cute is that? A little unexpected something more can put such a smile on your face. A lagniappe:

And there was the business card of the lady behind Divine Twine:

Great card design, don't you think? You can pop over to Ms. Whitney's website here and see some of her other products--cards, labels, envelopes, notes, etc. She even offers things you can download and print out for yourself.

Whitney and Whisker Graphics, I wish you all the best!

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