Wednesday, September 16, 2009

When Polka Dots Go Bad

I have borrowed this image from one of my favorite blogs, "The Sartorialist." (I hereby give full credit to The Sart!) Usually his subjects are chic folks, either ordinary citizens or fashionistas, that he snaps on the street. I hope to goodness this guy is just a model, decked out in some insane designer's interpretation of polka dots:

Because then I can forgive this young man his overly short sleeves, his criminal misuse of polka dots, his friends who obviously think there's no problem combining polka dots with madras shorts, and--most bizarre of all--his stepping out in public with a geisha-like soupcon of white lipstick on the center of his "I'm just the model, people!" mouth.

The only thing good about this train wreck is the polka-dot bag in his right hand.

That bag, I want.

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