Friday, September 11, 2009

Sucker for a Teacup

Some people color their hair monthly, get weekly mani-pedis, and buy an expensive, daily coffee drink. Some people buy lottery tickets monthly, a bag of chips weekly, and fast food almost daily.

Me, I troll junk shops and vintage shops. If I set foot in Swag, one of my favorite local shops, I hardly ever walk out without something. This time, like so many times before, it was a teacup and saucer. And what a beauty! Just look:

Thistles and gilt trim and curlicue handle, oh, my!

Sweet little thistles on the inside of the cup. *Sigh.*

It's Aynsley bone china, but I don't know the pattern name. I researched it online, but the closest I could get to finding out about this adorable pattern is that it goes by the number C1575. Personally, I don't think that begins to describe its appeal:

Thistles and gold trim and swirls! All this charm, for less than the price of a mani-pedi. And it'll last a lot longer, too.


  1. This made me think of you =)

  2. Love it! thanks for the link.



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