Thursday, September 17, 2009

Salmon BBQ at work

10 indications that you are barbecuing for fisheries biologists:

1. You're only grilling fish, no chicken nor beef.
2. Only one person the whole day asks if there's any meat other than fish.
3. Multiple people ask who caught the fish, and multiple people not only know the answer but also know the guy personally.

4. 8 of 10 people ask what species of salmon you're cooking.
5. 1 of 10 people will correct you when you say "pink" or "coho" and give you the scientific species name instead.
6. The majority of people want their salmon well cooked all the way through because "I've seen how many worms live in that part of the meat."
7. You are quite possibly the only person there who knows more about cooking than you do about fish.

8. This lack of cooking knowledge is displayed by those who think that brushing the grill with drippy olive oil (thereby creating oil fires in the charcoal) is smarter than brushing the fish itself.
9. Ditto for the people who flip the fish over 5-7 times during the course of the cooking. Leave it alone! (Cook first side well, flip it, briefly cook second side, done.)
10. And, my favorite: The bowl you're using for olive oil is labeled with its tare weight.

All in all, a very fun work barbecue. But good lord, I couldn't imagine wanting to eat such an overcooked piece of salmon.

1 comment:

  1. Very cute. Love the tare weight bowl. But I always understood that pink salmon was not very good to eat. It is usually used for cat food, etc. Coho is different, is very good, and is the same as silver salmon. At least, that's what I learned on my last (and only) salmon fishing expedition in Alaska around the time you were born. We caught one coho and lots of pinks. The pinks were not very good.



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