Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Adorable San Franciscan Store

I've stumbled upon a delicious-looking store, Bell'occhio, in San Francisco (not in person, but online). I think their store name means something like "an eye for the beautiful" in Italian. The home page says they carry antiques and curiosities and "rarified merchandise from historic ateliers."

Oh, be still my heart! Here are a few of the charming items that you can see on their website (all photos are from the Bell'occhio website):

Blue glass votive candle holder

Faux-bois heart box

Lick-them-to-stick-them paper labels, imported from Paris

This is a box! It's made of paper, and it's flocked so it's slightly fuzzy, like a raspberry.

Mercury-glass votive or drinking glass

Goat's-hair brush

Stork scissors

This is also a box! How my trout-fisherman dad would've gotten a kick out of this!

Okay, it's official: I'm nuts about boxes. I'm nuts about this store, too.
Must. Go. See.

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