Friday, September 18, 2009

Farm animals and Molly Moon's

Last weekend I went to the Seattle Tilth harvest festival in Wallingford, and I couldn't wait any longer to put up these sweet pictures.

Look: a baby goat with mini ears! (My family has decided that "baby doats" are about the cutest thing ever. Don't ask me why; I have no idea. But we might be right.)

This breed has really tiny ears for some reason. Perhaps they're better adapted to colder climates, where big ears would cause them to cool down too quickly? Not sure, just one possible evolutionary reason. But I think they're adorable.

Even more adorable? This cutie pie in the princess crown petting the baby doat. Priceless.

There were a few other farm animals there, including this awesome heirloom variety of chicken. She and her sister were beginning their transition from summer to winter coats. I had no idea chickens changed their feathers for the seasons.

And then, because it was a beautiful warm afternoon and I was in the neighborhood anyways, I stopped by Molly Moon's Ice Cream. This place may be the most amazing hand-made ice cream I've ever tasted. They get all their standard flavors spot on, but they also have seasonal new ones like balsamic strawberry, salted caramel, and honey lavender. I got a scoop of blackberry sage ice cream, which played with sweet/tart/savory in a wonderful way.

Did I mention they press and roll their own waffle cones? Yeah, they're cool like that.

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