Wednesday, August 5, 2009


We had such a nice family time last night!

Two of our three children joined us for dinner, and I described Won Ton's first-ever day at the beach. Daughter #2 updated us on her work planning her college's dance ballroom dance competition. Large Boy laughed and talked (and that's something, right there!). We ate salad and humongous baked potatoes for a meatless dinner, and I served Martha Stewart's Mocha Cupcakes for dessert. (Nice recipe, but next time I'll amp up the cocoa powder for a better balance between the coffee and chocolate.) Here's how hers look, in the book:

Mine looked, umm, a little different. I opted for a simple buttercream frosting and humble colored sprinkles. Not as dramatic but still yummy.

After dinner, I knitted another shorty scarf, and we watched the original movie of M*A*S*H with Large Boy.

Just before bedtime I checked the family calendar to see what was on deck for tomorrow.

And right there, in my husband's handwriting, I saw that for tonight, we had tickets to see "Spamalot" at the Music Center. And we forgot to go!

We missed it! We absolutely, totally forgot we had tickets to the theater, to a performance we were dying to see, that we'd been talking about for the longest time.

I mean, "Monty Python and the Holy Grail" is an integral part of our family fabric. We constantly quote its lines, like "She turned me into a newt!" and "I'm not dead yet!" and "Your mothah was a hamstah!"

(For a short video of what makes the stage version so dang fun, click here.)

We felt like complete fools. We were crushed.

For about two minutes. But then, I couldn't help but feel happy, despite our giant goof.

Because we'd shared a yummy family dinner, spent time with two of our favorite three children, ate home-made cupcakes, and watched a classic movie together. What's not to love about that?

So, it was fam, not Spam, for us last night.

But today we're buying more tickets.

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