Friday, August 7, 2009

Butterfinger Love

I'm not a big candy eater. Most just seem to me like useless sugar, and I'd rather spend my dessert calories on really good chocolate or homemade baked goods. There are literally thousands of boxes of Mike 'n Ikes in the camp dry storage, and I haven't eaten a single one all summer. One notable exception, though, is Butterfingers. Oh my goodness how I love Butterfingers. My mother tells me I inherited this love--was it from her father? I never remember. Fact is that no Butterfinger bar is safe as long as I am around. Three weeks ago a friend gave me a king-sized Butterfinger, which I figured I could slowly savor over the course of a few days. (Hey, those things are filled with preservatives anyways, so why not?) That plan sort of fell apart, though, when I ate the entire bar in 30 minutes, all the while telling myself I was going to save some for later. That is, until I looked down at my empty wrapper and thought to myself, "Hey, who ate all my Butterfinger?" And then I cried inside, thinking of how little I'm dancing/exercising this summer while I do things like eat king-sized Butterfingers. But it was so worth it.

Photo by Julia from Dozen Flours

Imagine my joy, then, upon finding this recipe for Butterfinger banana cake with peanut butter cream cheese frosting from Seattle-based blog Dozen Flours. Oh, be still my beating heart! I immediately started planning how and when I would be able to make this cake. Until I was stopped short by the very real possibility that if I bought Butterfingers, they would not last long enough to become the cake topping. So perhaps I need to make the cake, then go buy the candy, and then crush and decorate right away. That would probably work, right? Or maybe I just need someone to make it for me. :)

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