Monday, August 24, 2009

Dog Days of Summer

I don't often give my dogs store-bought treats. Their idea of a reward is a piece of carrot, or the end bit of a banana, or a plain Cheerio.

Recently, though, the weather was very, very hot. Typical August-in-the-city weather. We're all dragging around, panting from the heat, with our tongues hanging out. So I broke my policy on No Silly Dog Treats and gave them a frozen doggy treat so they could cool off a little.

First I cracked open the box, and Won Ton snapped to "A-ten-SHUN!":

Then I put the first treat down for his brother, Mu Shu. This is the cresftallen look Won Ton gave me. "You gonna give him a goodie and not ME?":

Of course he got one, too! And he was off to the races, licking that frozen blob for all it was worth:

Check out the tongue action on that boy:

There is a look of fierce determination on this doggy's face. "I'm gonna finish this thing down to the last morsel even if it gives me brain freeze!":

Om, nom, nom. An under-the-belly shot:

And a moment to reflect on the adorable whirlpools that decorate WT's elbows:

Back to business! Won Ton licked his treat so hard, the bowl skittered all over the porch. Finally he pushed it up against a patio table leg, and there the bowl stayed:

Good stuff! NOW what do you have for me to eat?

Pace yourself, Won Ton. It's a long time 'til dinner.

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