Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Maine Coon Love

Meet George:

George was the Maine Coon cat I had when I was a child. He was 22 pounds of pure love--the chillest, coolest cat I ever knew.

I adored all cats, but I adored George to the nth degree.

When I was 12, my family had to move from Kansas to California. My parents made me leave George behind. They found another family to adopt him. Leaving George broke my heart.

To this day, there's a George-sized hole in there.

This is my cat now. Roosevelt is currently about 17 years old:

Rosie was less than a year old when he wandered into our yard. The Hubby and I weren't looking for a cat, but he was clearly in need of a home. The vet said--judging from Rosie's broken-off baby teeth and abraded front paws--he was probably tossed out the window of a moving car.


With such a rough beginning, Rosie deserves all our love and devotion. But when he eventually passes into the Great Beyond, I'm getting a Maine Coon cat once again. It will be a rescue, because that's the only way I do it. I always vowed I'd wait for a Maine Coon until after Rosie left us.

And then this happened:

This is an eight-week-old, unnamed female Maine Coon that a friend of my daughter's bought off Craigslist. (Bad Move #1, people: Don't buy pets off Craigslist!)

He brought her home to his anti-cat girlfriend, hoping she'd change her mind. She didn't. She told him to get rid of the cat. (Bad Move #2, people: Don't get a pet without the approval of everybody in the house!)

If this kitten lived in Los Angeles, I'd toss aside my vow to let Roosevelt be the One and Only, and I'd take this foundling into our home. I want a Maine Coon so much!

But she's in Boston. She's a kitten (cute but so destructive!). Rosie is still with us. And Lovely Daughter #2 says she's pretty sure she can find the kitten a Forever Home where everybody wants her and will keep her forever.

So, no Maine Coon for me yet. But when the time comes, I'm getting another one.

And boy or girl, its name will be George.


  1. George it is. Juli you have the biggest heart. I enjoy the way you write. XO

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  3. My heart is still attached to my Grouchy my beautiful and so loyal Maine Coon. He's been gone 19 years and I still miss him so. Its not that I don't love the cats that have followed..very much so. There just was something so special about him, everyone loved him and everyone still remembers him too....I understand how you feel about George. I was lucky to be old enough to bring Grouch with me as I moved to the big city. We moved many times we met all sorts of different people and through it all he never once complained. A truer friend I have never known. Thanks so much for letting me share my Grouchy with you. And by the way Grouchy never was grouchy. He first belonged to a young boy who named him that. It was all a chance encounter, I had met his uncle and we stopped by their house. And his sister was moving out of state pronto and none of the pets were going with them. And as that young boy cried all the way to school, we ended up having to drive him..I held Grouchy and promised to love and take care of him. Many years later I ran into Robby as a grown man when I was visiting my father. Grouchy was still alive then, he couldn't believe it. Tears came in his eyes and he hugged me so hard. Oh the magic of the Maine Coon....

    1. Awww! Thank you for sharing your memories of Grouchy boy. So sweet.

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