Friday, October 2, 2015

Iced Cofee

Last summer, I discovered Chameleon Cold-Brew coffee for making delicious iced coffees at home. The refrigerated concentrate is WAY cheaper than Star-you-know-what. And it comes in three varieties: regular, and vanilla- and mocha-flavored.

I love the mocha one. It's just a hint of flavor, not a hit over the head.

This summer, two more contenders joined Chameleon in the cold-coffee case, Stumptown and Outpost:

I was impressed that two of the three have sell-by dates, so you know the product is going to be fresh:

I lined them up and did a taste test. Outpost (the middle one, below) is made locally (which I always like). It had a nice taste, too, but there was an unattractive film on the concentrate. Stumptown was too bitter for me:

So I'm sticking with Chameleon. And since we're still having summer-like weather here in Los Angeles, it will probably be a staple in my fridge for weeks to come:




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