Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Hotel Silver Bread Tray

Out on a walk a few days ago, one of my Pugs snuffled around in a pile of fallen leaves and faded Bougainvillea blossoms. He was looking for the perfect place to pee. As I gazed idly at him, something silvery caught my eye.

I picked it up: it was a bread tray--the kind of heavy silverplate that hotels and restaurants in the 20th century used. What was it doing in a place where dogs pee? I have no idea:

I brought it home and gave it a clean-up:

Even with a quick, imperfect cleaning, it is handsome. The mark on the underside is "DW Haber & Son NY."

I did a Google check. It turns out Haber & Sons is a purveyor of servingware to the hotel industry, and they're still in business.

I think I'll keep this. It's plain but handsome. It could come in very handy, serving cornbread or corralling mini muffins.

When I'm not using my silver and silverplate, it hangs out in my dining room's built-in bookshelves:

Books and old silver:

Two of my favorite things.

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