Saturday, November 7, 2015

Fantastic Grooming Tool: The "Zoom Groom"

Recently I worked a dog-adoption event, and a professional groomer was there to give the shelter dogs a little polish:

She used a soft rubber brush on the dog I was handling. He loved it; it was called a "Zoom Groom." As soon as I could, I bought one from my local, independent pet store:

My Pugs shed a lot. Up to now, I brushed them with a "Furminator," which is great, but you have to be careful when using it. The steel teeth can hurt a dog's skin if you push or pull too hard.

The great thing about the Zoom Groom? It's terrific at removing loose hair, but it does it with soft, rubbery "fingers" that practically massage the dog's skin. My Pugs close their eyes and bliss out when I use it on them:

And boy, does it pull out the loose fur!:

I'm totally sold. So, apparently, is Mu Shu:

Plus, the Zoom Groom makes these cool little honeycomb mats of Pug fur:

Here's a tip I got from my local wildlife store: Save that soft fur you brush off your pet. In the early spring, put it into a suet basket and hang it from a tree. Birds use the soft fur to line their nests for their babies.

Turning trash into treasure, one Pug at a time.



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