Tuesday, November 10, 2015

A New Life for Some Old Clothes

A few days ago while out on a walk, I came across a tumbled-over cardboard box with clothes spilling out of it. Clearly somebody was tossing them out--they were in the dirt, on the street, and smelly.

But I saw they were in good condition and just needed to be cleaned.

I took them all home and ran them through a wash and dry. Here's most of what was tossed out:

Some blue jeans, some tee shirts, some sweatshirts:

This one in particular looked so cozy. The hood is lined with faux fur:

 It almost looked like an animal curled up in there and went to sleep:

There was also a hand-knit scarf, with this pretty button to fasten it snug around the neck.

I will never understand why people throw out perfectly good clothes when there are folks in this world who don't have enough warm, clean things to wear.

I am taking the sweatshirts and the knit scarf to Lovely Daughter #2, whose students--and their parents--often don't have enough warm clothes to get through a Boston winter.

The rest of the pile goes off to charity.


  1. They were in a box, maybe to be picked up. Person probably thought some lucky folk would pass by.

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