Saturday, September 6, 2014

Powder Room Redo

Before the renovation, our powder room had Tiffany-blue walls. In a house mostly painted in quiet colors, it was a beautiful, eye-catching hue.

Here's Mu Shu in our powder room with the old walls (but the new flooring). (He was getting some humidifier treatment for a touch of bronchitis last spring.):

I love those Tiffany walls. But that '80s-era mirror and all the gold fixtures? Not so much:

The powder room is very small--just a sink, a toilet, and a little shabby-chic table in the corner that I used to decorate with various candles and pretty things:

In the photos above, you can see that the original flooring was pink tiles. They were hard to decorate around!

In the revamped the powder room, we used these sconces from Shades of Light:

And replaced that ugly mirror...

...with a more contemporary one. We also replaced the gold fixtures with nickel-silver ones. So now the sink area looks like this:

The wall paint is "Santa Monica Blue," by Benjamin Moore. It's a deep, Prussian blue with a gray hint, so it plays nicely with the other paints we chose in the redo, which are all in the blue-gray range.

Here's a closer look at the sink area. The spigot and faucet handles by California Faucets. My decorator gave me the soap dispenser--it's a blue Ball jar!:

The pedestal sink by Kohler was in great shape, but the toilet was so old, my plumber refused to fix it any longer. Here is a (pretty dreadful) family photo showing the original toilet. The Hubby, Lovely Daughter #1, and I were all crammed into the powder room, playing with her just-rescued kitten, "Olivia." We played with her in the powder room so she couldn't hide or get lost in our house. Nonetheless, Olivia tried to hide behind the pedestal--see the tip of her tail sticking out on the left side?:

Here's the new toilet, which matches the pedestal sink:

On the tank top, we put a few vintage hand towels...

...and a tissue-cover box by Marye Kelley:


We also added a trash can by Marye Kelley (that's Mu Shu, modeling for me again):

I swapped out one shabby little table for another. I've got a number of them kicking around the house, and it just seemed like it was this one's turn:

A towel bar with some more linens on it:

And once again, the powder room is a surprise punch of saturated color in an otherwise-quiet house:


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