Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Guest Bedroom Redo

This was our Guest Bedroom, before. Well, sort of before. I forgot to snap a photo when it had the bed in it, and hideous pink shag wall-to-wall carpet. Just imagine, if you will, Pink. Shag. Carpet.


It's a small room, just 10 feet by 9 feet, and into that we squeezed a double bed, nightstand, small side chair, and two tall IKEA storage units. Too much stuff! So we pulled everything out, including the carpet, and laid down the same flooring we used almost everywhere else in the re-do. Already it looked better:

But we had to banish that horrible, prissy wallpaper:

I imagined painted white walls, but my decorator knew better. She steered me toward saturated blues. She assured me that the room, which is bathed in light, could handle intense color. And the white trim and bed we planned would jump for joy against a dark-blue wall. So we went with Benjamin Moore's "Hale Navy"--the top swatch in the photo below:

We also kicked to the trash pile this horrible overhead ceiling fixture. Turn that baby on, and all it did was shine a light on the corpses of flies that buzzed up there and died:

Here's the way the room looks now. I love the new drum ceiling-lamp shade!

I put a lot of my pug stuff in this room. Instead of my pug things running amok through the house, now they are more contained and add a note of whimsy and character to this small space:

There's still a few bits missing from the bed: two pillow shams, with a navy geometric design on white, are still on order. And the 80s-style ruffle on the pug-print pillow will be removed and re-worked with a more tailored edge:

The avocado-green nightstand, which used to be my parents', is now painted in Annie Sloan Chalk Paint. The lamp base is from Target:

The side chair sits on a small wall that used to be overwhelmed by a tall IKEA cabinet (rest its soul):

I adore this pug purse I bought years ago, but every time I used it, beads would rub off. It's better off serving as a cute piece of art atop the little chair:

Where the second overly-large IKEA cabinet went, I now have a small, vintage bureau. Actually, this belongs to Lovely Daughter #2. If/when she ever lives on the Left Coast again, I'll surrender it to her and look for a similar one:

I'm still on the prowl for a mirror to hang on the wall above the bureau. Meanwhile, all the mismatched towels in hideous pastel colors that used to lurk in this room have been replaced by a stack of fresh, white ones:

And when my decorator asked if I had any sort of throw to add color and texture to the foot of the bed, I knew just the thing. The Boy's bed quilt from when he was a child, that he couldn't part with. How glad I am that he asked me to keep it!:

On the floor, to warm up our guests' tootsies, we have this adorable all-wool runner from
Garnet Hill:

And there you have it! An overly stuffed, stuck-in-the-80s bedroom...

 ...now has dramatic dark walls, lots of brilliant white, and a good dose of fun for future guests:

 So, when are you coming to visit?


  1. Love what you did here -- and the rug is perfect! BTW…do your pugs hire out as models for renovation projects?

  2. P.S. Re the pugs: …or ANY modeling gigs, for that matter!
    P.P.S. Must get myself some Annie Sloan chalk paint --I have the matching nightstand in my guest room, and it is still olive green -- it needs a re-do! (You need to come visit me to lend your expertise, as well as courage, to “Annie Sloan-ize" some oak pieces in my dining room, too!)



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