Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Vintage Paper Cutter

My neighbor owns an adorable vintage shop. Recently she had a yard sale to clear out some of her inventory that wasn't quite right for the store. Prices were really good--about half of what things sell for in her shop.

I fell for this vintage wood-and-metal paper cutter:

Almost any kid who hung out in the school office (I'm not saying' what for!) or took an art class knows about these beauties:

The decal on the side was a little hard to make out:

But luckily the handle also has the company name, and the model number, forged right into the metal:

Ingento paper cutters (also called "guillotine cutters") are still being crafted today. I love the made-in-America, straightforward ruggedness of how this tool is built:

On the underside of the piece is the original seller's label:

The typography is adorably old school, as is the address. "Chicago 20" means this cutter was manufactured before the introduction of ZIP codes in 1963:

Even though it's a good-looking item, I'll be putting it to work in my crafting projects.

Just need to get this blade sharpened up a bit.


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