Sunday, February 16, 2014

Fab Feb Faces

Poking around my most recent photos, I realized I've collected some fabulous faces in the last month or so. And that's all this post is: Fab Faces. First up, my big sister's adorable rescued Greyhound, Roxie. Her landing-strip-length nose never ceases to amaze me:

A beautiful profile shot of Olivia, the newest member in the house of Lovely Daughter #1:

I was organizing some vintage photos and stumbled on this picture of my Big Sister #2 and our mom at a holiday dinner back in the 1950s. My dad took this snap, and no doubt he didn't realize that it's never a good idea to photograph a woman while she's chewing. Nonetheless, wasn't she a looker?:

A few days back, Lovely Daughter #2 asked me to send her a photo of her as a baby. She's working part time as a waiter while going to grad school. The restaurant posts up a cute photo of each employee for their amusement. So I sent her this hysterical shot (she loved it). We called this her "Jabba the Hutt" phase:

LD#1 went to a costume party last night with Lovely Housemate and texted me a photo. That's Housemate as Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and LD#1 as The Black Swan:

Nice job on the eye makeup, kiddo!

On Valentine's Day Mu Shu and I shared a caffe mocha at a local coffee hangout. (He just got a teeny lick of the foam):

Have a delicious day, friends!


  1. Love ALL of these Fab Feb Faces! (…and the landing-strip adjective for Roxie’s nose -- that’s a new one on me!)

  2. …also, LOVE Mu Shu’s perfect heart-shaped tongue! …and, of course, LD #2’s chubby cheeks!….and, well….ALL of them! xoxo



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