Monday, February 17, 2014

Happy Birthday, Mu Shu!

Today my Mu Shu turns 8 years old. He's the only one of our three pugs whose birthday we know precisely because we adopted him from a young woman who couldn't keep him. She turned him over along with his AKC and breeder paperwork when he was about a year old.

Here are some of my favorite Mu Shu moments over time. When he was very young, he had almost no "scruff" around his neck:

He quickly became my favorite pug to dress up, because he looked like such a sad sack:

Mu Shu falls asleep in the funniest of positions:

(He is actually falling asleep in this position):

Although he's our second-oldest pug and our second pug to join the family, Mu Shu is the third dog in the pack. Almost from the moment his baby brother, Pao Pao, arrived, the two of them duked it out for who would be on top. Pao Pao won:

Even though you're #3 in the pecking order, Mu Shu, you are #1 in looks:

You have a heart of gold, darling doggie, and we're so glad you came to live with us:

  Happy birthday, little dude!



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