Friday, February 7, 2014

Curbside Find: Art Materials

A few days ago, I spied this box by the side of the road:

Inside I found a mini treasure trove of All Things Art:

These linoleum-cutting tools took me right back to when my mom used to use them to make block prints:

And graphite in chunks, not pencil shapes? I haven't held one of these in years:

A quick check of the box labels revealed a local phone number but a store name that's not familiar to me:

Some boxes were incomplete, but still so pretty to look at:

This is a gizmo for doing air-brush painting:

Oh! Pelikan ink! Now I'm getting all nostalgic. Once upon a time, I used Pelikan products a lot:

An entire box of pastels in crazy colors:

A beautiful, pearly-green bottle with no label on it was a mystery for a moment:

And then I saw its sister, still in the original box:

Seeing all these things, feeling the bottles and boxes, and smelling the chalk and graphite, transported me. Suddenly I was 16 years old, and in Mr. Dunse's art class:

I'll bag them up again and take them to Goodwill soon. But maybe I'll just admire them for a day longer.

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