Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Big Changes Underfoot

Exciting stuff is happening at our house. We're getting new flooring in about 2/3 of the total square footage. It will be very handsome when it's done. But right now the place is a wreck. There's a lot of this going on:

And most of the house looks like a bomb hit it:

Renovating a house is a huge pain in the patootie, but some parts are fun, like looking at gorgeous  tile. I've never seen flooring that looks like damask before:

The shine, the glimmer! This combo below reminds me of a brocade ball gown and a pearl choker. Love it!:

But The Hubby lives here, too, and he isn't comfortable with something underfoot that looks more like silk than stone. So, I'll dream about the beauties above and head back to the tile store for another round of candidates.

Meanwhile, here's a sneak peak at what we have both agreed upon:

More details to come!



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