Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween Birthday!

Today my pug, Won Ton, is 7 years old!

Well, sort of. He was born some time during the fall of 2005, his vet says, so we chose this date as his birthday. (The scumball who used to own him was convicted for dealing drugs, so it wasn't like we wanted to go back and ask him.)

This was us, the day we adopted him in the summer of 2006. He looks so enthusiastic!:

(The Boy, Lovely Daughter #1, The Hubby, and me. LD#2 was away at the time.)

Having a dog opened up a whole new world of fun and laughter and love for us.

We learned so much about being a dog family. And he learned a lot, too, like "Carrot," "Uppies!" and "Come," and how to ring the jingle bells that hang from our doors to tell us when he wants to go out:

(He's not as good at coming in.)

Won Ton turned out to be a dignified gentleman...

(This is an actor who was on set at our house one day.)

...who tolerates the abuse we throw at him with amazing aplomb:

Won Ton put up with our adopting a younger (slightly mental, definitely anxious) younger brother:

He put up with silly photo sessions where we dressed him in vintage velvet ribbons:

He put up with all sorts of treatments--including hydrotherapy--to alleviate his painful, misshapen leg:

He even put up with our adopting an over-the-top, crazy littlest brother who hasn't got a clue about being a dignified pug:

And we love him for it. For all of it. He's our first, our unique, our wonderful wonky-legged man.

Happy Halloween birthday, my little pumpkin.



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