Monday, September 17, 2012

Grateful, Part 3

Earlier this year, I wrote about how Lovely Daughter #2 lost her beloved first (used) car--the one she'd had since she was 16--in an auto accident.

And then a few months back, LD#2's replacement car was vandalized. Key (and highly expensive) elements of its inner workings were stolen. She was left with a pile of scrap metal shaped like a car.

(Luckily, LD#2 went on to grad school in a city where a car isn't really necessary.)

And then bad luck returned. A few weeks back, Lovely Daughter #1 was in a car accident (she's fine, thanks!). But the sweet little (used) car she'd driven and loved for almost precisely 10 years sustained mortal wounds. LD#1 felt great sadness. Her little buddy, her ticket to freedom, her silent partner in so many important chapters of her life, was no more.

Happily, this past weekend, LD#1 found a new (used) little buddy:

It took much less pain and time and drama and annoyance than used-car shopping often takes.

Yet once again, I'm so grateful that she was able to find a car fairly quickly, and that she loves it already.

She is so very happy with this new (used) buddy. Next step: giving it a name. We name all our cars, in this family.

Stay tuned!

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