Monday, September 10, 2012

A Late-Summer Wedding

Hello! I've been away from Teapots for a few days attending a family wedding. It was held on the banks of the Russian River in Northern California, at an old fishing camp turned guest lodge. It was a lovely weekend, and I wanted to share just a few things about the event that I loved.

The wedding was held in a grassy meadow, and guests were pre-warned that heels would be unwieldy and difficult. The bride wore flats, and her bridesmaids wore these pretty sandals:

The Honeymoon Suite was a dear white cottage with exposed rafters and rustic, white-washed furniture:

The flowers were simple and unstudied, as if they'd been gathered that morning in a flower garden:

Every table at the reception had a different arrangement of flowers, leaves, and vines:

Instead of a wedding cake, the bride and groom offered a dessert table filled with lovely goodies:

Every guest was made to feel welcome--even the very littlest:

 Guests admired a table filled with a collection of framed family wedding photos from the past:

The oldest was my grandmother's wedding portrait, from either 1911 or 1913 (She got married twice in two years!):

My parents' wedding photo from 1940 (sorry about the reflections; it was under glass):

My eldest sister's wedding, from 1963 (that's me as Junior Bridesmaid, in front, and the Mother of the Bride from this past weekend is our middle sister, to the bride's right):

Also on the table was an photo album created by the bride and groom. On every page, they left lots of white space for guests to write their greetings. What a sweet and fun update on the old, boring guest book!

They are out of focus, but I love these photos of the bride and groom in their first dance together:

It was a lovely, warm, personable ceremony and party.

Our whole family feels very blessed.

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  1. Beautiful, Sis! A lovely summary and tribute to a most special wedding weekend. xoxo



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