Thursday, September 6, 2012

Delicious Doughnut of a Doggie

 I ran across this on da Interwebs recently, and I have to say, I learned a thing or two:

Of course, some pooches are so friendly, you could greet them by holding them upside down and shrieking, "AAAAAAHHH! So CUTE, so CUUUUUUUTE!," and they still wouldn't be perturbed.

Like Churro, here. (A "churro" is a little, sugary doughnut.) The cutest, sweetest, most Buddha-like Chihuahua I've ever run across in almost four years of volunteering with dogs:

Photo: Karl Loveys

Oh, that face! One bad eye and being middle-aged doesn't stop her from absolutely radiating happiness and peace, to everyone she meets.

Contact me in the "Post a Comment" section below if you would like to know more about adopting this adorable bundle of love.


  1. I am interested in Churro, where can I find her?

    1. If she is still there, Churro is in the loving care of Best Friends L.A., which operates a large and well-run adoption center in Mission Hills, just north of the San Fernando Valley. Go to their FaceBook page or Google them, and then call to ask if Churro is still available. You will love her, I'm sure! Here is their website (sorry if you can't click on it but have to cut-and-paste):



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