Saturday, July 14, 2012

Still Grateful

 This past week has been difficult. I've been kinda sad.

The worst thing was this: While we slept one night. Lovely Daughter #2's car was torn up:

The Bad Guys did $7,000 worth of damage and theft. And the car was only worth $9,000! So, we now have a heap of scrap metal shaped like a blue Prius.

It's a blow to think that, right under our noses, this level of maliciousness happened.

And yet, and yet: Nobody's going to go hungry because of this. No mortgage payments will be missed. No bills will be left unpaid while collectors hound us.

And meanwhile, our tomatoes are pumping out delectable goodies like nobody's business.

I have enough tomatoes to give the pugs a cherry tomato treat on a daily basis. (They now come running when I say, "Let's go pick tomatoes!")

The garden--even the noxious Morning Glory--is bursting with blossoms and deep, green shadows.

Roosevelt the Cat is recovering nicely from a little surgery on his neck, and his fur is growing back:

The Agapanthus look glorious.

There's still so much to be grateful for.


  1. That's terrible! It's a shock, I know, to be violated that way-- even tho it's "just a car", the blatant disregard for your property is very upsetting (we experienced that when our home was burglarized). Good for you, to be able to see and appreciate the blessings and beauty still around you. Your tomatoes are gorgeous, as are your flowers, and Roosevelt looks happy. :-). We"re sending good thoughts to all of you for getting your bearings back and moving forward.

  2. Ugh I can't believe that about the car! That amount of damage is crazy. I am so sorry y'all have to deal with that.... I love you!




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