Friday, July 6, 2012

Roadside Rescue: Sunny Yellow

For the last few days while walking the pugs, I have run across roadside castoffs that have in common a sunny yellow shade. First up, this adorable child's desk/drafting table:

I found it tossed in an alley. It was a little dirty, but it has such cute features, including a slide-out drawer:

A desktop that can lie flat or be propped up, with a clip to hold artwork in place:

A couple of nifty grids to hold pens and crayons:

Even a working light!:

Not to mention a matching chair:

Next to the desk and chair was this Mediterranean-villa-style doll house:

The level of exterior detail is admirable:

At first I thought it might be a Barbie house, but the lack of pink said no. Then I spotted this logo:

And this "address plaque" confirms that it's a Bratz product:

Even if a little kid didn't have any Bratz dolls, the villa would be good for almost any small dolls or even stuffed toys. Inside, the house looks remarkably like a decrepit Italian villa:

It just needed a good cleaning. Scrubbing down the inside, I saw the doll house has a disco ball. Sweet!

Last up, I noticed this lidded jar sitting at the side of the road in front of a house that is...well, creepy. I don't know what kind of people live there, but they put the oddest things out at the curb. Once it was decaying packages of chicken. Another time, a huge aquarium filled with green slime.

Knowing that, I half expected this thing might be filled with human cremains:

But no, it was empty and just a little dirty. It looks gorgeous after cleanup:

 Yellow ginger jars--in pale or sizzling shades--are all over home decor these days. Here's a paler version:

photo: Decorum Home&Design

My rescued jar would lend sizzle to any room it's in. Just imagine if I had found two of them!:


I'm donating all my cleaned-up finds to my local Goodwill. I still feel like I owe them something for getting this hand-blown vase and this dining table and these chairs at such a steal of a price.

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  1. I've been looking for a ginger jar EXACTLY like the one you found for...cremains, BUT they're bagged CAT cremains. I would love to buy it from you if you haven't donated it yet!
    budgles at juno dot com (budgles being the deceased in question)



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