Saturday, July 23, 2011


My living room looks like it's ready for a yard sale, these days.

There are boxes and boxes of china, pots and pans, cooking tools, and such:

They rub shoulders with cartons of old family books (part of my ongoing attempt to catalog my parents' library):

Bags of clothes and still-working small appliances slump here and there:

Things still in their plastic packaging hang out in heirloom chairs:

Color slides by the boxful (and sometimes, by the wipies-tub-ful)...

...vie for space with leftover light fixtures, with their installation instructions miraculously still intact:

This Tinkertoy on steroids is actually a partially assembled wine rack, which The Hubby and I no longer need since installing a wine cooler in the kitchen a year ago:

Some things I'm not sure why they are, or how they are, in my possession:

A small army of miscellaneous glass and china:

waits patiently near the red chairs I bought at Goodwill (yup, I still haven't taken off all those doggone green stickers):

Bric-a-brac shelves, occasional tables, stretched canvases and framed art lean here and there in the corners:

It is simply impossible for me to assemble a bunch of things and not have polka dots pop up at least once or twice. These are vinyl table cloths I purchased for $1 each. They will probably turn in to shelf liners and drawer liners:

And boxes of...nothing...lie around, waiting.

Everything is waiting.

Waiting for a day, coming pretty soon, when most of this stuff will be carted off to the Funny-Looking House. Whatever Lovely Daughters #1 and #2 don't want, I'll turn over to charity.

And, I hope, The Hubby will stop muttering "hoarders" and "wives" in the same breath.


  1. Counting the days with you until you have your living room back! (You'll have an entirely new lease on life!...And, hubby will have to come up with a different adjective for you!).
    (P.S. Lucky Lovely Daughters have a great mom!)

  2. Hi Juli!You have some great pieces here! When is the yard sale??? Also are you on facebook?

  3. Oh and love that leopard chair!!



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