Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Something New Underfoot

This box arrived on my front porch this morning:

Is there anybody out there that doesn't like getting a package in the mail? I sure do! My package was from this company:

The contents will help" zhuzh" up this part of my back patio:

It's a nice, shady spot, with a pretty view of the rest of the yard. But if this seating area were an outfit, I'd say it needed something.

A necklace, or a belt. Something to pull it all together.

Here's my something: An outdoors rug!

Pulling it out of the box, I got that moment of glee that every birthday girl, every child at Hanukkah or Christmas, everybody who gets a beautifully wrapped "just because" present feels. Moments that are simple and small and very happy.

Here 'tis:

"Mad Mats." Heh. Silly name, but great concept. A totally tough outdoor carpet, made from recycled plastic, that needs only the occasional blast from a garden hose to keep it neat and clean.

Before I unrolled it, however, I had to do a little neat-and-clean myself:

My custodial duties were done under the watchful eye of my supervisor. He looks grumpy, but he's not a bad sort:

I love the pattern in the rug. And it's reversible, too. Here's the mostly-blue side up:

And here's the mostly-white side up:

I think I'll go with blue side up, since I have so much white furniture anchoring it on three sides already. Speaking of anchoring, the rug comes with hook-and-loop tabs to keep it flat and prevent folks from tripping on an edge:

Since my rug will be well anchored on three sides and resting on brick, which is NOT always a dry surface, I'm forgoing the use of the tabs. But it's nice to know they're included. For a wood deck, or use indoors, the tabs might be very handy indeed.

Here's the rug in place. A tip I've learned from reading decorating blogs and magazines over the years: Place the front legs of the chairs on the edge of your rug. It helps create a cohesive look to the area:

Mr. Supervisor and I wish to point out that there's no way, upon close inspection, that this rug would pass for a cloth rug, or a more expensive indoor/outdoor rug, like those beauties offered (at almost three times the price) at Dash & Albert. But I can live with that:

Because the "threads" are hollow plastic tubes, the rug is quite comfortable to bare feet, be they pug or human:

And I am very fond of products that are made of 100 percent recyclable material.

And that look this pretty, too:

I think drinks on the back porch are in order this evening.

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  1. I like it!! (hmmm....I'm looking at MY deck and patio.....)



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