Friday, July 8, 2011

Pug Chin Rest

No matter what funny positions pugs get in to...

...and they do get into some funny ones....

...and some silly ones...

...very silly ones...

...sometimes with a little help from us humans...

...the position that most makes me scratch my head and ask, "Why do they do that?" is the Classic Pug Chin Rest. It doesn't always look comfortable:

And almost anything counts as a chin rest to a pug, including another pug:

You'd think a hand would be too temporary to seek out as a chin rest. Too unstable. But no.

Sometimes pugs choose a chin rest that seems to outright worry them. But they press on.

Perhaps seeking out a chin rest is something hard-wired into pugs, from birth:

Even a teeny pug wants a chin rest. A teeny one, of course.

Other pugs, the "restees," seem to understand this compulsion and to tolerate it with good grace.

Some rests are clearly adopted by pugs hoping to put humans in the mood to feed them: "Awwww, isn't he cute? Let's give him something to eat as a reward for the cuteness!"

And some positions seem to have very little in the way of a reward, but the pug persists.

A pillow, of course, is a great place to park the choppers:

But then, so is a laptop, apparently:

Adding a front paw seems to be a personal statement: some pugs do it; some don't bother:

In a pinch, one's own paw is a handy-dandy, portable rest that's always within reach. And options! There's the right one:

And the left one:

It is extraordinary, the lengths some pugs will go to, for a good chin rest:

Not to mention the depths:

Even medical paraphernalia doesn't interfere with the Quest to Rest:

But when a pug finds a good place to lay down his big, blocky head... the end of a long, hard day...

It's pure bliss.


  1. This post made me explode from all of the cuteness!!!! PUPPIES!

  2. Aw, what an adorable group of pictures--so much concentrated cuteness!

  3. "Concentrated Cuteness"! - Right on, Sis! (Me thinks Roxie, one of my Greyhounds, must have some pug in her -- she's always looking for a place to rest her 'heavy' head ...but not so creatively as your precious pugs!)

  4. P.S. Funny Fotos!! (or is that Phunny Photos?)

  5. Ahhh! Love it! I've got two chin-resting pugs at home. Turns out, even babies make good chin rests for pugs. Who knew?

  6. Ok, this was great fun. What a good time for me to check up on your blog! You will have to do a blog post about my town when you visit... and perhaps one on a particular bead store. After all, I think the bead store would qualify for the "all things cute" tag as noted in the byline.

  7. Haha yes! Just one of the adorable and hilarious traits of pugs. Gotta love such goofy creatures!

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