Monday, July 4, 2011

Fourth of July Parade

How is your 4th going? I hope you're having fun. Here are some snaps from my neighborhood's annual Independence Day parade this morning. Small-town fun in the middle of the big city: I love it.

Here's the local Boy Scouts troop:

And here's a local cutie, taking it all in from the sidelines:

Somebody has a connection to one of the local TV or movie studios. They borrowed about 10 of these little go-carts, then invited friends and neighbors to decorate them as mini-floats. (Only in L.A.!)

There were bigger floats, too. This flatbed truck with the blue sides was full of teenagers:

And the theme on this pickup was "MerMade in America."

It had teenage "mermaids" in the back, too!

The local high-school band provided the toe-tapping tunes:

People in the parade walked, biked, scootered, roller-skated, and motorbiked the parade route:

Here's The Hubby, walking Pao Pao and wearing his traditional red-and-white striped polo shirt. It's so old, he only takes it out once a year, because in a few dozen more washings, it's bound to fall apart:

Dogs are a big part of this parade. People dress them up, put Deelie Bobbers on them, even spray-paint their fur with temporary red, white, and blue stars. Here's Mu Shu, getting a pat from a little parade-goer:

This cute guy with the blond eyelashes doesn't seem to mind the triple scrutiny from our pups:

Along the parade route, folks set up chairs to cheer everybody on:

One household even gave out awards for the best floats. These guys nabbed one:

Our local police force blocked off streets so we could safely cross several busy avenues:

I whipped up a quick, cute, and free parade costume for each pug. I cut the collar off an old business shirt, then used some leftover ribbon to fashion a "bow tie," which I sewed to one side of the collar. Using the top button of each shirt, it fastens around the dog's neck. The pugs got loads of compliments for their natty attire:

The parade ended at the local park, where there were treats for everyone--watermelon wedges, cupcakes, and corn dogs. Here's Won Ton, enjoying his small slice of watermelon:

It was a fun, but tiring morning for our pups. They flopped on the entry's cool tile floor as soon as we got home:

The pups are napping now; their busy day is over. For the rest of us, there's still a BBQ dinner and watching the high-flying professional fireworks at CBS studios--for free--from the convenience of an intersection one street over.

If you don't have any old business shirts lying around, you can rock this simple costume for just a buck or so. My local Goodwill sells men's business shirts for a dollar, and each "bow tie" uses less than 12 inches of ribbon.

I'm already thinking ahead to Thanksgiving--maybe, white shirt collars and turkey-themed ribbons?


  1. OH! The pugs look adorable and SO festive!!! I love this are so creative!

  2. Thank you, Erika! I bet Pierre would look cute in one of these.

  3. Looks like a fun day!

    And I adore the pug collars--what a genius idea! (Good thing their necks are about the same circumference as Dad's!)

  4. LOVE the pug collars! SO very clever!...and, the puggers look SO spiffy (not to mention ADORABLE!). (Also love seeing your yearly 4th parade - thanks)



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