Friday, March 11, 2011

Spring in Our Yard

It's Spring here, for sure. My allergies tell me so. Also the trees and flowers.

Birch tree leaf.

Birch tree leaf and...tassel? Anyway, the part that makes baby birch trees.

Azalea buds.

Daisies, out in full force.

One of our two stately sycamore trees, during the brief, two-week period when it actually has green leaves. (The rest of the year its leaves are mostly brown, I swear. How does it photosynthesize?)

Alstromeria, a.k.a. Peruvian Lily, and watering can.

I have no idea what kind of bulbs these are. Every year they poke up through the dirt, get me all excited, and then fail to produce a single flower. *Sigh.* Bulbs are tricky in Southern California.

Calla lily. One of my personal faves. These grew like mad all over my college campus, where I first fell in love with them.

My wedding bouquet was a simple armful of calla lilies, tied up in satin ribbon. Gorgeous.

Wisteria flowers, about to burst open.

One of the first roses of the season has popped up in the front yard.

And look what else has popped up! My weekend homework: unload this thing and stuff the entire contents into the bedroom of Lovely Daughter #1.

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