Monday, March 28, 2011

Pots and Pugs

A local house-and-garden store near our house is going out of business in a few days. That's the bad news. The good news is, they have been slashing prices for the past several weeks.

They started out at 30 percent off everything. I took note but didn't jump in.

Then they dropped everything to 50 percent off. I went in and looked around but didn't bite.

Last weekend, however, they hacked the prices down to 70 percent off, and I pounced.

I bought six of these gorgeous, big, aqua-glazed garden pots for a pittance:

Here, my shoes give you a sense of how big these beauties are (the pots--not my feet!):

I intend to plant herbs in these babies soon.

The pots have a classic shape, a rolled rim, and a beautiful scattering of speckles.

The glaze is crackled in some places:

and flows slightly in others:

The glaze continues inside each pot, where it ends in yummy-looking drips, like melted turquoise ice cream:

The pots attracted the attention of the pugs, of course. Nothing that invades "their" garden goes unexamined:

Mu Shu moves in for a closer investigation.

Monkey see, monkey do, Pao Pao .

All checked out! You may proceed to plant the pots, mom.

Only, please...

Could you first lift us out before you pour in the dirt?


  1. LOVE the pots...LOVE the pugs...AND...LOVE the pugs IN the pots - SO darned cute!

  2. Oh, those pots are great!! The turquoise really complements the pug's eyes!! So, so, so cute! The herbs will look great too, but not as cute!



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