Friday, February 18, 2011

Watch Out!

Remember the dog treats I wrote about last week? They look so cute in the apothecary jar tucked between my cookbooks:

On the shelf, they remind me to ask my dogs to behave and do a trick (sit, down, shake, etc.) so they can earn a cookie. I love the home-made, happy look of the treats:

But I forgot: they have no preservatives. And after about five days on the shelf at room temp, this is what you get:

Aaaack! That's not decorative sprinkles--that's mold!

So, if you make the dog treats, remember to use them up promptly, or refrigerate (or freeze) them to extend their lifetime.

It makes me wonder, just what IS in those pet-store cookies that last forever in the open bins?

It can't be good for your Max or Fluffy.


  1. J - Know the cookies I've sent to your pups? They have no preservatives and yet don't spoil (just can get stale if not used soon enough); I know the gal who makes them and will ask her what's in them and how they stay fresh. It may be that one of your ingredients tends to spoil faster that other foods?

  2. Or I wonder if one got moldy because I stored them in a jar with a few bits of meant-for-dogs jerky? It's a mystery....

  3. Juli- Every recipe I have come across for dog biscuits says to put them in the fridge. I have had good luck with that, no mold. But it's weird, cookies don't usually mold and it's virtually the same ingredients! I left the carob treats recipe biscuits out for a couple weeks at room temp and they were fine. If you discover the reason, please update me! Thanks-



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