Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Boodapug and Battlepug

Yesterday, Lovely Daughter #2 sent me a link to a precious photo of baby pugs:

photo by checkeredsuspenders

Oh, that's right up my alley! Cute, adorable, pugalicious.

I followed the trail of this photo back to the website it came from. It turns out to be from a site called "Boodapug." It is officially my newest, faveplace to go for photos of pugs. It also has links to all sorts of cute merchandise based on this little guy:

And that website had a link to this:
Image by Mike Norton/Color by Alan Passalaqua

"Battlepug" is an online, beautifully drawn and colored "illustrated novel" (in the old days we called them "comics"). It began just a few days ago and involves a story about...well, battlepugs. It features a cute pug, a snarky-sounding French bulldog, and--in the first and second chapters--a most bodacious naked gal in bed.

Naked Gal is telling a story to the two dogs, Scheherezade-style, a little at a time. Illustrator and writer Mike Norton puts puts out a new chapter each Monday, and it just began February 14.

So go to Boodapug and enjoy some of the cutest pug pictures ever. Then run over to Battlepug and enjoy the most amazing, lush illustrations and oddball story line ever.

Just watch out; if your 13-year-old nephew sees this, you'll be wiping lick marks off your screen.

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  1. Budalicious, indeed!!! SO MANY cute, little round tummies all in a row - just waiting to be rubbed!



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