Friday, February 26, 2010

Sweet Little Things

From Daughter #1 recently I received an adorable little present. Well, four presents. There was this one:

Gaaaa! How perfect! And there was this one:

Couldn't be more cute if it tried! And there was this one, the littlest of all:

(Gigantic blobby orange fingers only shown to establish scale.)

They are rubber stamps, of course. And the images they make are delightfully old-fashioned:

and worthy of double-dipping:

Oh, the possibilities!

One little stamp can establish a great deal of movement, depending on how it's used:

Or it can just sit on your desk or shelf, looking very cute indeed:

And the fourth gift? A stamp pad!

1 comment:

  1. Welcome to the addictive world of rubber stamping! We can talk stamping! At one time I had almost 1000 stamps (and still have the same tiny paw print stamp you have - it IS fun to work with!). I'm not doing as much stamping these days and may have some I can pass on to you, if I haven't already given them away(tea party themes come to mind), but I'll have to look at my inventory to be sure). xoxo



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